“ Time to hang up the dancing shoes and return to my slippers”

What a crazy three weeks- I’ve eaten out, I’ve partied like you wouldn’t believe, I’ve got a tattoo, I went to the first ever Cancer Chicks X Trekstock event, had return to work meetings and most importantly started planning a fundraiser for charities now close to my heart. Lastly on a one negative note, experienced my first cold after being poorly which sent my anxiety through the roof, but I’ll touch on that a little later. me.png

The celebrations have been mental but- oh so enjoyable. I remember all them months ago I would sit on my bed watching Instagram or Snap Chat stories (yes sad I know, but what do you do when you have no life?) watching my friends live like normal 22 year olds without a care in the world, how I wished It was me. It used to send me over the edge to the point I wouldn’t look at my phone on a weekend. I couldn’t deal with the fact the choice of whether I wanted to go out or not was taken away from me. But then just like that; I’m back there joining them. I often get comments said to me, “I’m sat in watching your stories now” to which I reply, “I’m making up for lost time”. But now I’ve decided to hang up the dancing shoes and return to my slippers. Saving for a house is back in full swing (even though it never really stopped, but we are now on a mission) and I need to concentrate on getting my strength back up properly so I’m ready for my next challenge.. work. Yes you read that correctly, WORK!


I’ve kept in touch with work the whole way through my diagnosis. I’ve been extremely lucky that my place has been put on hold for me at University so I can return to my studies and continue training to be a; Trainee Nurse Associate a role I have always aspired to do. I’m hoping to get one of my first 3 monthly check up’s out of the way which will be around May time, then return to work in June. This will officially be a year after I went off poorly (all being well). So as you know me I’m completely over the top, maybe too organised and a tiny bit OCD I take after my Dad, so I’ve been out and bought;

  • A new lunchbox
  • A water bottle which you can also defuse fruit in the middle
  • A mug for my Green Tea
  • My favourite multi way pen
  • Mini notebooks for my memory (chemo brain is a thing people let me tell you that!)
  • And finally a new Fob watch as my old one has broken probably because it has been out of use for so long.
  • I’ve got a brand new uniform for my role (as I picked it up at my first ever CT Scan before I got my diagnosis).

So I am officially ready for my start date!



I’m starting with 10 hours for the first week and these hours increase each week. No two shifts will be together so I can recover from my first shift before my next and no nights for three months, as Nurses know these completely mess up your sleeping and eating pattern up.

I am excited to get back to work but I’m not going to lie I am very anxious. Can you blame me? I’m going back to work in a Hospital where I’ve spent the last 7 months of my life and where I was told the devastating news. Some call me crazy, they are probably right. But it’s what I love to do. I’ve started going back into work to see my colleagues old and new and having a brew with them, this is so lovely to do as each time I go I feel it gets a little easier. Oh how I have missed their faces.

Within these crazy three weeks I also got the chance to finally meet some of my fellow “Cancer Chicks” at the first ever Cancer Chicks X Trekstock event. This was so amazing. Girls I have been speaking to for months I finally got to hug and share our stories and experiences in more detail. The whole night I didn’t stop smiling, I took my Mum, we drank cocktails (Mum’s were non-alcoholic as she was my driver haha!), got glitter put on our faces, was styled with clothes by stylists and got to chat all night. It truly was the greatest night and such a success. We came away with brand new clothes, bags, Bare Minerals lipsticks and gloss and sample perfumes all funded to the charities Cancer Chicks and Trekstock.


06/03/2019-I got a tattoo. Since being poorly I gained the nickname “Warrior” especially from my Mum. My Brother (Lewis) drew the tattoo for me. I wanted it personal and to mean something to me. So I got WARRIOR on my wrist but the “O” is a green cancer ribbon for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I absolutely love it 💚. Every time I look at my wrist it’s a reminder of what I’ve been through and continue to go through and reminds me of how far I’ve come and that anything is possible.


On another positive note, I am now planning my fundraiser to raise as much money as I can to repay Ward J94 @ Leeds St James’s for their services and saving my life and also Lymphoma Action so they continue researching and ever evolving treatment. The night features £5 per person on the door, a raffle with some amazing prizes all gifted from businesses, an auction with some special prizes, a DJ, dancing and lots of drinking raising a glass to a good cause and most importantly celebrating.

Now for the only negative note as I’m always honest with my readers. This dreaded cold. I’ve been sneezing a million times a day, blown my nose a thousand times and not to forget I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve taken my temperature, the anxiety is too much. This is the first little bug I have had since finishing treatment, but like people say it’s my bodies way of showing me it’s becoming immune to a bug. However try telling someone that when their anxiety level is off the scale, haha!

However I am getting there and I think I’ve dealt with it quite well surprisingly, with the help from Olbas Oil and Green Tea with Honey and Lemon to boost my immune system.  Now I know why you have to be so careful during chemo, this would have floored me if I was still on treatment… seriously.

So that’s my crazy life summed up in a blog post for you.

Thank you to everybody I have celebrated with (you know who you are) you’ve honestly put the biggest smile on my face. The biggest of celebrations is yet to come though at my fundraiser and I cannot wait.

me and mum shot.png

Lots of Love, Ashleigh Maggie xoxo

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